Thursday, December 23, 2010


My mother-in-law mentioned the other day that it seems like it must be harder to blog since we got home from New York since our lives aren’t quite as interesting. I just want to assure you all (and myself) that our lives are in fact still at least somewhat interesting. I’ve just been busy- which I like to think is also evidence that my life is interesting right?

Alright, well if you need some solid proof I do have this for you:
And there’s even a story behind it. Cameron had the privilege of purchasing a lens kit for school (so he can practice his "1 or 2?") and it got here a couple weeks ago. I went to a relief society dinner, and when I came home, Cameron had drawn a picture, done the math and built himself a telescope. It actually works pretty well. When I got home he was surrounded by cardboard, scissors and a knife, looking out our window trying to see how far away he could read license plates. The good news, he can see 2 blocks away. The bad news, we haven’t had a clear night since its creation. 

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