Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Light Parade

Saturday was the Forest Grove Holiday Light Parade: basically, an opportunity to test out how well my new camera functions at ISO:3200. Cam's family came over and we all had a chilly time watching the parade together. 

The parade itself consisted of several National Guard hummers, several trucks with lights, a few semis with lights, the fire department, a few retirement home vans with lights (and residents), and miscellaneous pieces of farm equipment...with lights. Added up, that's nearly every vehicle in Forest Grove!
The old horse drawn firetruck
 A city utility vehicle
 Some local business float (a truck w/ trailer)
  And a little red wagon

Next year I'm going to try to convince the Optometry Student Wives club that we could probably make the winning entry... Maybe get everyone to walk through with lit up strollers or something. 

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