Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Toothpaste

I appreciate the questions that I've had from many of you about how I'm doing, whether I still have morning sickness and whatnot. My response to that is that since statistics denote that 90% of women have morning sickness...apparently that means that 10% don't. What that also means is that those of us in that 10% are destined to make the other 90% even sicker at the injustice of it all.

So no... I haven't been pukey or queazy. My appetite has not suffered (in fact, lately it has included an increase of hotwings and nachos.) But lest you 90%ers are feeling slighted, I thought I should probably let you know we haven't been all fun and games over here...

The last few weeks I have developed a heightened gag reflex in response to brushing my teeth. As that isn't something I'm just going to sign off of for the next six months... we've been working hard on some solutions. The first was to stop using my battery-powered toothbrush, which helped at least with severity.  At first I was just using it without turning it on, but since that seemed silly, I pulled out my old-school pink one. But the biggest breakthrough was while I was at my parent's house this weekend. Cam had our toothpaste in his bag, so the only one in the bathroom was my little brother's bubblebum-mint. It worked fantastically. I ran some tests with some of my other sibling's toothpastes and discovered that the stronger the mint flavor, the worse it was.

So yesterday at the grocery store, we went looking for a non-mint toothpaste. Aside from cinnamon (which isn't great either) the only flavor option was:
Fruity bubblegum.


  1. I must have missed the big announcement! :)

    I've never puked... I'm hated :)

  2. It was hidden at the bottom of my last post... that and I thought Kaylie had already managed to tell everyone ;)

  3. I didn't puke but I sure did think about it! It's good to find something to replace a thing that has turned unpalatable. I had to cut out milk and there aren't any real substitutes!

  4. First, congratulations! I didn't know you were expecting. Second, brushing my teeth also made me throw up when I was pregnant. I got some good flavored mouth wash to keep around so that after I threw up because of brushing, I didn't have to brush again to clean up; I just swished! And what a great idea about using kid toothpaste. I also found that different flavors made it better or worse but I never thought to try that. I definitely will the next time I am pregnant.

  5. See, I'm one of the lucky 90%ers that not only puked with pregnancy, but puked at least 6 times a day. So I pretty much hate you :)

    I loved Tom's of Maine all natural strawberry toothpaste when I was pregnant. Strawberries have this unique property of tasting the same going down or coming up, so this worked well for me :)