Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Cam Saved My Life

...or at least my vision.

Last week Cam had a class assignment that he needed to practice giving a slit lamp exam on four different people. During the exam, he noticed that I had some corneal neovascularization (extra blood vessels growing in my eye because it cannot breathe) which probably has something to do with the fact that I've worn contacts for 14 hours daily for the last 10 years. You see, I was so relieved when I got my contacts in 7th grade that I didn't have to wear glasses that I never wore them again.

So he made me go in to the eye doctor to save my vision. After a two hour appointment during which Cameron, two other students, and the actual doctor throughly examined my eyes, It was determined that I was going to be okay... but we needed to make some changes. I was given more breathable contact lenses and told that I really should get glasses so I'm not wearing contacts all the time.

We went glasses shopping today, and I found something I could live with:

Monday, January 24, 2011

No, we don't know yet

I received several very concerned calls in the last couple of weeks that a memo had been missed. To put all your worries to rest, no, we do not yet know if we are having a boy or a girl. However, the ultrasound date is set (one week!).

While you can't vote (it's already been determined), but we wanted to let you try your hand at guessing. You are welcome to skip ahead and do the poll, but in case you aren't sure, here are some facts to get you started:
  1. Cameron is confident that we're having a boy. Why? "Because a boy should come first."
  2. My BFF who is an RN says that statistically, boys are more likely to cause morning sickness, so If I didn't have that problem, it's more likely to be a girl.
  3. My extended family has a "curse" of having boys. I have 4 girl cousins and 10 boy cousins (the girls are youngest in their families). Similar one-sided numbers extend back for generations.
  4. My parents have been the one exception to the "curse" with 3 girls and only 2 boys. 
  5. I was told that ultrasounds can accurately determine gender about 90% of the time... what if we're the other 10% (like we were with morning sickness)?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunshine on a Congested Day

I'm sick this week- I have head cold, and I'm so congested that I'm afraid my eyes might actually pop out. For you photoshop speakers out there, it basically feels as though someone took the pucker tool to my nose-bridge.

Normally I'm the sort of person who, rather than let a cold slow me down, I hit it with as much of as many medications as possible and try to knock it out. Well my doctor said that since I am pregnant that is... less than advisable, so I've been tackling this the old school way: rest and fluids.

Cam has been pretty much been at a loss for how to be helpful, although I would say he has perfected his sympathetic-sad face. Yesterday he had a fantastic stroke of wonderful genius. He went to the store to get me cough drops and came back with these:
A fantastic ray of sunshine in my dark congested day.

I suppose the other upside is that I've had a lot of time to sit on the couch, so I was also finally able to get to OUR wedding video. You know, from that wedding a little over two years ago. Here's what I have so far:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Excellent Customer Service

Lest any of you be confused about who is writing, it is I Cameron.

This winter we decided to put plastic over the inside of our windows both to conserve heat and wall off the mildew that grows in our window tracks.

Unfortunately, when we pulled the plastic out of the box there were several holes in the plastic making it less effective on both counts.

Fortunately we were able to fix all of the holes using packaging tape.

Unfortunately it looks kind of tacky across our big sliding glass door to our balcony. (no we have not been able to access our balcony all winter)

Fortunately we're not to classy, and we don't really care about our balcony.

Feeling encouraged by my recent raisin maven experience I called up 3M to inform them of the defect in their product. When I talked to them, they were happy to send out a replacement. I was thrilled with my success in procuring another free thing.

When I received the complimentary package, there was a nice letter:
There was also a packing list to ensure that I received what I was supposed to:

Apparently I was only worth the "generic complimentary letter" someday I aspire to have enough clout to pull in a "personal complimentary letter".

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Anonymity

Can I be upset for a moment?

Now, I know many of you make your blogs private, so you know exactly who is coming to your blog. Mine isn’t because I like stumbling upon new blogs, and I think it's only fair I allow others the same option. So instead of making it private, I keep an eye on my analytics. I watch for odd things and check who is linking to by blog. Well, this week I had an unsual number of visits from London. One of them I checked the source on, and found this in a post about her English class this week:

 “We are learning about the features of diaries and blogs at the moment, and today’s first lesson was mainly spent being slightly harsh and sarcastic about Cameron and Kim [with a link]. They seem like lovely people really but… just look at the header. Just look at it.”


I haven’t decided what I feel like doing yet. I do hope that people in that class might wander back here, see this, and learn a thing or two about the fact that people on the web still have feelings.

*Update: read the comments to see how this worked itself out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our First Baby Project

Technically we started this back in November, but we simply couldn't post it then or we would have given away the surprise! We we're just hanging out on a Sunday and decided to make a baby quilt. Since we don't shop on Sundays, we had to piece it from leftover fabrics that we had around the house. Which means that if you've been around us much in the last few years you probably recognize a few of these:
Cam is a great project buddy because he likes to do the boring stuff like ironing. I'm such a project rusher I would have left it all wrinkled and hope it flattened out in the wash. Instead, Cam ironed each piece meticulously, and then for good measure ironed every piece of fabric in my scrap pile so that I have no excuse to be wrinkly now. 
Can you tell which gender he thinks we're having?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beach Day

We have quite a few definitions for the word "adventure" around here, so for clarity, in the following post it will be defined as "we would never have guessed yesterday that we would be here today."

Last Sunday night, we looked at our weather forecast for Monday, and realized that the high was going to be 33. We also noticed that at the coast, the high was 44 and sunny. We decided it would be a fantastic day for a beach adventure. So we left early in the morning and drove out to Tillamook, which is only an hour from us these days, and discovered that it was in fact a beautiful day. We started out by visiting the Cheese Factories.

The Blue Heron Cheese Factory has a petting zoo... so here is Cam with an Emu 

The Tillamook Cheese Factory was also pretty cool

 And both had cheese samples which makes for a great morning.

From there, we hit up as many tourist spots and beaches as looked interesting between Tillamook and Seaside (about 50 miles). We saw surfers and sea lions, explored caves, found some anemones in a tide pool, and had a kind police officer let us know our break lights were out. All on the most beautiful day we've seen at the oregon coast... ever.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Surprise Shoes

My Brother and his wife came over yesterday to hang out, and it was such a nice day we decided to go on a walk. We were on campus at Pacific University when someone noticed this was above us:
Somewhere between 50-100 pairs of shoes tied together and hanging in a tree right outside the student center. They were all different sizes and colors. From the amount of moss on them, it looked like they had been there a few months. If anyone knows the story here, I'd love to hear it. 

*Added 1/4/2011
Wikipedia says this:
shoe tree, not to be confused with the shoe-preservation device of the same name, is tree(or, occasionally, a powerline pole or other wooden object) that has been festooned with old shoes. Shoe trees are generally located alongside a major local thoroughfare, and may have a theme (such as high-heeled shoes). There are currently at least seventy-six such shoe trees in the United States, and an undetermined number elsewhere.