Sunday, January 16, 2011

Excellent Customer Service

Lest any of you be confused about who is writing, it is I Cameron.

This winter we decided to put plastic over the inside of our windows both to conserve heat and wall off the mildew that grows in our window tracks.

Unfortunately, when we pulled the plastic out of the box there were several holes in the plastic making it less effective on both counts.

Fortunately we were able to fix all of the holes using packaging tape.

Unfortunately it looks kind of tacky across our big sliding glass door to our balcony. (no we have not been able to access our balcony all winter)

Fortunately we're not to classy, and we don't really care about our balcony.

Feeling encouraged by my recent raisin maven experience I called up 3M to inform them of the defect in their product. When I talked to them, they were happy to send out a replacement. I was thrilled with my success in procuring another free thing.

When I received the complimentary package, there was a nice letter:
There was also a packing list to ensure that I received what I was supposed to:

Apparently I was only worth the "generic complimentary letter" someday I aspire to have enough clout to pull in a "personal complimentary letter".


  1. HAHA! That is the best thing I have every seen! It reminds me of when I received an email back from a job I had applied for, directing me to the attachment. The title "RejectLetter.doc" yeah....

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