Saturday, February 5, 2011

3D Canvas

In my high school art class, I developed the idea of using a 3D canvas. My teacher told me about an artist friend of hers that would shape canvases by covering them with a paste and then draping them over things. I thought it was much more fun to make shapes by twisting and crinkling - so I would just take out my little high school emotions on the canvas and then paint it to match. This was one of my favorites:
I'm pretty sure it's about how I was sad finals were coming up, feeling blah because it was January, or just being bummed because school was happening again that day. Probably all three... but it looks pretty cool so it's hanging in my parent's hallway.

I was telling cam about these projects, so for our date night we decided to make some new ones, perhaps with a little less teenage angst this time.
This is mine:

This is Cam's:

Anyway, it's a fun project, if you're interested, my paste recipe is 1 part wood glue and 1 part made-up wallpaper paste. You just rub it into a piece of canvas (or another thick fabric) and then mold it. It sometimes takes a couple days to dry, but then it's stiff enough that it stands on it's own. You can just paint it like any other canvas. 


  1. They turned out great! I love projects that let me get my hands dirty :)

  2. The red one looks great in my living room, but I like the shape of the blue one the best. I have a green one in my attic, whenever you are ready to claim it...