Thursday, February 10, 2011

Building Shoes

This week I found a cute tutorial on how to make baby shoes. I was really excited about it and was all set to go... then I showed Cam.

Cam: Those are girl shoes.
Me: No, the pattern says loafers -- boys wear loafers. Besides, they're blue and green.
Cam: They have polkadots. And the toes are too round. They should look more like this (holds up his own shoe) that's a boy shoe.
Me: But I don't have a pattern for that.
Cam: I will make you one.

He did. He designed built a paper model of what the shoe should look like based on his own loafers (his correction, he wanted it to be clear that he built the baby shoe, he didn't design it). He then picked out a nice brown fabric. Then he left me to figure out how to sew it into a shoe. I put it high on the list of most technical things I have ever done, because 3 inch long shoes do not leave much room for error. End result:


  1. Kim, those are awesome! And definitely for a boy.

  2. That's a pretty good replica. I'm impressed Kim.

    Next time he gives you a hard time though, show him <a href=">these</a>

    Baby boy shoes have rounded toes :)

  3. Cute! You guys did a great job! Pretty sure you could sell that pattern on Etsy!