Friday, February 25, 2011

From the other side

A little while ago, Cam mentioned the plastic that we put over our our windows for the winter. Really we did this for two reasons:
  1. To deter some of our heat from escaping through all of our single-paned windows.
  2. To contain some of the mold that we suffered from all fall. Even wiping it down with bleach frequently wasn't enough to keep it from growing in our window wells since it is so freakin' wet out here, and single-pane windows only serve as a nice place for water to condense. 
So we figured... if we can't win this battle, at least we can distance ourselves from it a little by walling off the mold so that we're not breathing it in. So far it has served it's purpose well, but unfortunately we knew even then that at some point we would have to pull back the curtains and gaze upon the monster that we created.

This is our bedroom window:
Yes, that is mold growing right on the varnished wood. You can see we still get some water condensing on the plastic, although not nearly as bad as the window. 

From a scientific perspective, we've got some pretty interesting things going on in here:
  • a blue fuzzy mold growing on the wood
  • a nice black mold growing on the metal railing
  • some yellow something growing right on the glass in large circles
  • a gray stringy mold growing in the window screen as if it were a lattice
  • a specimen of some sort actually putting down roots in the far corner of the window well
  • a bug. That's right. He must have been either in some sort of larvae stage on the inside of the window when we walled it off, or has since somehow gotten in from the outside. Either that or we have such a fertile ecosystem in there that we are watching evolution happen before our eyes. I wouldn't be surprised. 
The really scary part is that sooner or later we have to take the plastic off.


  1. You know what I learned last week at an RS thing? Bleach doesn't kill mold, however, Borax does. It's super cheap at the grocery store, you just mix it into a paste & scrub away. It really, honestly works. I think anyone in the Northwest has found out that mold is a constant presence trying to take over :) Especially in windows!

  2. Thanks so much Courtney! Looks like my weekend just became booked... I'll be Borax-ing my entire apartment!

  3. Nasty! Thanks for reminding me of one of the many reasons I love Colorado :)