Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Do you know what happens when you take a highly competitive person and remove them from any sort of situation where they could be competing with others? When they are no longer competing for grades or jobs, aren’t in any sports, and don’t have interaction with people for 75% of the day?
I do. They invent things to compete with.

My latest sport is couponing…sort of—hear me out first before you accuse this of turning into a mommy blog. My friend Julie (hi Julie!) has been trying to get me on her couponing bandwagon for a couple months now, but I discovered something crucial: coupons make me nervous.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here… nervous that it’s not going to work, nervous that the cashier will have a fit or that it won’t scan and they’ll call for the manager over the loudspeaker for a price check on whatever personal item the coupon is for. It’s really fantastic for getting the blood pumping. And to top it off, I have discovered a new worthy foe: Walgreens.

I recently discovered the Walgreens couponing technique: with carefully planned multiple coupons that serendipitously coincide with sales and their rewards program, you can usually get like two free items every week. That is, if I catch them before they run out of the product because it's late in the ad cycle, if they marked the item correctly, if upwards of 3 coupons scan correctly, and magical things happen properly in the price scanner, then they’re free. And that’s a win. So while I’m still willing to pay the non-couponer price for 98% of everything I buy, I find myself now spending an inordinate amount of time plotting my next move against Walgreens. 

(And although I'm not about to force you to look at pictures of my loot, or list for you the things I got for less than pennies last week... if pressed I may or may not be willing to divulge). 


  1. I am a religious checker of and there's a Walgreens coupon today, just thought I'd pass it on to help you battle your foe.

  2. Sara that's awesome! Online coupons are the best for getting the adrenaline going... especially when they say "select stores only" like this one! The cashier won't even know what hit him!

  3. Wow! Hitting the bandwagon with full stride. You will have to teach me all you know.

  4. UGH Walgreens and CVS won the battle against me. Well I like to turn it around and say that I didn't quit them they aren't good enough for me! No I just got burned a few too many times going there but I still love my coupons just exclusively at the grocery store or bulk stores :)

  5. Kim,
    Are you a highly competitive person? I didn't realize. Where did that come from?