Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Things

We just watched Dear John, the most depressing movie I have ever seen… worse than PS I Love You (and I thought that wasn’t possible). I literally cried for an hour after the movie about everything and nothing and sad things and how happy things could make me sad and world problems and social issues and the fact that we’re out of ice-cream.

I admit the last one may have had something to do with preggo hormones, but I feel validated by that fact that Cam was in as much of a sad mood as I was (evidenced by the standard 1:7 tissue ratio).

Inspired by my need for mood recovery, I’ve decided to make a picture list of things that I have found to lift my spirits in three seconds or less (so that you can use them should you have the un-fortune of watching that movie):


  1. THAT IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER. I watched it alone one night when Tyler was on a camp out with his cousins, and I bawled. I seriously was sobbing for hours after that movie. What I thought was going to be a romantic chick flick turned out to be a horrible, horrible disaster.

  2. Be warned. The musical "Miss Saigon" had the same effect. I was depressed for a week. It took quite a while to remember happy things. Perhaps because the music was so memorable. It kept popping back into my head.