Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Whale of a Tale

Monday, to kick off spring break this week, we went with Cameron's family to the coast. The month of March there is a migration of gray whales heading north for the summer, so the Oregon Parks Dept. has people posted at overlooks to help you spot them. We chose the lookout at cape Meares lighthouse.
We got down there and looked around for a minute and saw nothing, so I went to talk to the guy who speaks whale (excuuuuse me siiiiir), a nervous looking elderly man who wore pants that looked like they were made out of green felt. He told me that they were having a "bit of a drought." No whales yesterday and only one on Saturday. Bummer.

Then Cam's sister ran over and said that her dad saw one breech with the binoculars. I was about to go let him know that he probably saw something else since they were having a "drought" (and since we had experienced the limits of his vision earlier while testing the binoculars) but right then I looked over the water and a huge whale just jumped up and came splashing down out near the horizon.

And that was it. No more breeches, and not even a spout after that the whole time we were there. I felt bad for the whale talker who missed it because he was talking to me with his back to the ocean - he seemed a little disappointed but he still let me sign the visitor book. We were there another 20 minutes watching for whales as I listened to his conspiracy theory that west pacific gray whales and east pacific gray whales were really the same group (I'm on his side). Then it got really cold and started to rain so we ran back to the car, thus concluding the most efficient whale watching trip I've ever been on.

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