Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yes, I realize they don't come out reading

....But that's no reason not to be ready just in case, right? Besides, toddler toys are more fun anyway.
Here is a project I've been working on lately:
And here are a few of my favorite pages:

I refuse to admit that this book took me an entire weekend. 

Also, to make sure that I'm not steering our kid by favoring subjects, I also made some stuffed felt numbers.
I may have to add some kind of detail to the front as a "this side up" indicator, because you would be surprised how easy it is (for at least Cam and I) to get confused about which way a 4 goes. It seems silly but you have to be concerned about these things. I had a roommate in college that for most of her childhood thought the United States were upside-down because her family had a puzzle with no words on it, so the kids always did it the wrong way. You can see how that would complicate other elementary subjects such as weather, "why is Florida warm when it's the farthest north?" and history, "So everyone traveled east on the Oregon Trail?"

You can never be too careful when sculpting young minds. 


  1. I don't know much about chemistry, anatomy, or art, but those felt things are actually numbers, right?. I am an accountant you know.

  2. Very funny Dad. You and I both know the subject I was best at was after-school activities.

  3. I love those felt numbers!! SO fun.

  4. I might get a little confused with the 'V'- I realize it probably stands for vegetables, but you just happened to pick two that started with a 'C'-carrots and corn.