Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flower Painting

So I'm very proud of myself, first for how awesome my painting looks (I'll show you in a minute), but mostly because I managed to not blog about it for an ENTIRE MONTH because it was supposed to be a surprise.

My brother called me back in March and reminded me that his wife's birthday was coming up (more than a month in advance if you can believe it!) He said that what she asked for was some art to help decorate their apartment, and he didn't feel very... up to it. I asked if he had any idea what sort of art, and he said he thought I should do something like the pink flower (which you see to the left here) that I did back in high school.  Easy Peasy.

Looks awesome doesn't it? Okay, but seriously this is the easiest thing ever to do, so I thought I would explain it so you could go try for yourself should you get the urge.

First you just find a picture of a flower and a canvas.

I like to drop my picture in Adobe Illustrator and live trace it so what you end up with are patches of color. If you don't have illustrator, just print it out and then just pick 6 different colors in the picture and outline groups that are nearest to each color. From there you've basically created your own paint by number picture. 

To get it on the canvas I like to use the grid method. Just draw a grid on your picture, and then a matching one on your canvas. Use the grid to help you sketch the outline of the picture. Before I actually start painting, I like to go over my sketch with a light layer of gesso (or white paint) so that I can still see the faint sketch, but the marks don't show through lighter colors (like yellow).

Like I said, at this point, it's just paint by number. For added dimension, I like to pick a color to do with little tiny dots instead of just filling it all in. It takes about an extra twelve years, but looks cool (so it's worth it).

Tuh duh! I'm going to have to go make myself a new one now, because I kind of miss this one after having it all month.


  1. Awesome! Good job keeping the surprise. And very Georgia O'Keefe. Good job!

  2. uh WOW! That doesn't look easy peasy to me! It looks hard! I'm not good at the whole grid method! But your paintings are beautiful and your sister-in-law should love them!

  3. You should try it Jamie- I bet you would be surprised at how awesome you are!

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