Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Garden - and some new vegetables

When cam and I did our week planning on Monday, we discovered that since he had to work this morning and we both had to be a few other places this evening that it would necessary for me to drive into work with him, and then hang out for a few hours until he was done.

I was fully expecting to have a boring morning, except that yesterday I heard something on the radio about a cooking demonstration that was going on at Le Cordon Bleu in Portland.

Flash to this morning: 
So I showed up at the school for the cooking demonstration, which was about sustainable "farm to table" practices, which requires using vegetables as they are in season. So they were showing us how to cook with vegetables that happen to be in season, in Oregon, in April. Can you name any? No, I couldn't either. That's where the new vegetables come in. The vegetables that they had were:
  • French carrots in orange, purple, and white varieties
  • Ramp - I had never heard of it, but I guess it's like a green onion with a garlic-y spicy flavor. Their sample was grilled and it was quite tasty.
  • Rainbow Chard - very pretty
  • Jerusalem artichoke - another one I hadn't heard of. It looked a lot like a ginger root but tastes kind of artichoke like. They fried it and made very tasty chips. 
So I was thrilled about my new veggie findings, and I was ready to just leave and go share them with Cam... but then, as a surprise at the end of the demonstration, they had little egg cartons filled with dirt, and some seeds that we could pick to plant in them. I doubted that I could get tomatoes to grow very well in an egg carton, so I picked the blue corn.

And I thought that I wasn't going to get to have a garden this year because our 2nd story apartment is north facing. Isn't is cute!

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