Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Trip to the Zoo

I have a special guest blogger today! It's my little brother, Nathan. He wants to tell you about our trip to the zoo yesterday. Nathan wants to be a zookeeper or a veterinarian when he grows up. He wanted to make sure that I blogged about all the cool stuff that we did at the zoo, so here he is telling it himself:

We had a very great time. We saw a lot of animals, as you probably would. The cheetahs weren't there, I think they were getting a vet checkup or something. But other than that, my favorite was the bats. 
We also went to the Predators of the Serengeti exhibit. The coolest part was the mongooses because they were really fast, and their best friend was a bird. There was a tunnel that lead to a bubble in the habitat. Here I am inside the bubble wearing a red jacket. 
 I really like the lorikeets because you get to feed them apple juice, and sometimes they land on you. The lorikeets were a lot of different colors, I don't know why, because not all species of animals do that.

We also saw a zucchini attached to a rock at the bottom of a tank in the flooded forest section. I think that they were probably trying to trick the animals to think it's food. It is, but maybe not for fish.
We saw the penguins in the polar bears exhibit! They were cleaning the penguins' exhibit, so the penguins were in the polar bear area. It's really silly to do that because polar bears never meet penguins in the arctic, because penguins live in the antarctic. But the polar bear was playing with a ball (a big non-rubber ball, it's really tough plastic) in the water. She was putting on quite a show. The male polar bear was pacing in front of the glass. 

After all our zoo animal excitement, we went to the gift shop. I got a zoo dinosaur patch for my red jacket that I was wearing.

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