Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shameless Plug - Invitations

Normally we're all about fun and games here on our blog, but as an advertiser I am certainly not above the occasional shameless plug-especially in such a desperate situation:

It's April already, and not one person has asked me to do a wedding invitation or graduation announcement. Not one. This is no fun.

Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I moved away from Provo (aka the wedding capital) or the fact that all my friends out here in the grove are married graduate students. So here is my plea for your help:

If you know someone graduating or getting married, tell them you know a girl who's pretty decently good at invitations and can get them done for you ultra-cheep (that's because I do it out of love... and I always feel bad because I know how much weddings cost, so I have yet to get much more than a ton of fun out of this!)

Anyway, since my website is still in progress (aka not quite started) I will even post some examples* of stuff I did last year so that you know where you can send your friends so that they can see how awesome their invite will be.

*Disclaimer: Names and addresses have been changed. Pictures used by permission of model unless they were a family member that loves me (I didn't take most of them, them but if you are in Provo and like the images on the black invite, check out the fantastic artist who did them: Lizzy). Some invitations that appear here may not have been a final version that was actually produced in print, but I thought they would have been awesome and should be shown off anyway. 


  1. I love you.

    (And my word verification just now was "awlys" which is a lot like "always," which is also true. I love you always.)

  2. I'll try to help you out and spread the word.

    If you want to get started early, you can work on David's graduation announcement for december :)

  3. How do you share this on facebook so I can say I like it?