Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Results!

Finally, the moment I know you've been waiting for! Here are the results of the birthday survey - 52 respondents distributed across all 12 months (each month had 3-6), so not exactly representative of the population as a whole...but perhaps "indicative of possible trends".

And as a little treat, I have for you my first ever infographic!
What's that? You say I have too much time on my hands? Well, if you've ever wondered what you might accomplish if you didn't have a TV... now you know. 

Here are some of the things I learned from you:
  • We are accidentally the best parents ever, because our due date is during the "most desirable" time of year to have a birthday.
  • I'm entirely ungrateful because my birthday is in the second best time to have a birthday, and I felt pretty meh about it. 
  • For those that had a summer birthday - people were just as likely to like being younger than their peers as being older. Most people also mentioned that since high school, it hasn't made much of a difference for them either way. 
  • November and January are the most disliked by people who have birthdays then (60% and 80% respectively dislike their birthdays). However, the December birthdays seem to have learned to cope, since none of them disliked their birthdays, but 67% felt "fine" about them. 
  • The biggest problem with having a winter birthday was that it was too close to Christmas, so presents weren't spread out well. The most frequently mentioned benefit of a summer birthday was that it's equidistant from Christmas, so the presents are spread out. In conclusion... the biggest reason people care about when their birthday is has to do with the getting of presents.
These random facts made possible by the continued participation of blog readers like you! Thank you!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Deliberately Bad Paint Job

I've been in the market for a bedside table since I left mine behind in the move last spring. For the last 9 months I've been using my parent's old end table which is shorter than my bed (which, granted, is unusually tall), and makes it impossible to see my alarm clock. It's been quite the hunt to find the perfect bedside table, but last month at Goodwill, I finally found it.
Can you believe they only wanted 4$ for this beauty? Granted, this is what it looked like after I had Cam strip the nasty stain off (I couldn't do it, the paint stripper is known to cause birth defects and cancer in the state of California).  

I was having a hard time deciding how to paint it. Finally I decided to make it match a cute wall hanging that my sister-in-law gave us for our wedding that looks like it's been antiqued, which is quite trendy you know. So I decided to paint the drawer that way. 
But once I had roughed up the drawer a bit, the rest of the table just looked too modern, so I went back and roughed up my paint job at the corners and added some scuffs. On all the how-to websites I found, they said to beat up the piece with a chain, drill in some holes and chip at the corners, but luckily this table came pre-beaten. One website had lengthy instructions on creating a faux coffee stain... which seemed a bit overkill.
When Cam came home, the first thing he said was, "did you mean for this..." and pointed to the spots that I had scratched the paint off. When I said yes, he replied, "good, it looks great then!" Just wait until I get some good juice stains on there.

Oh- and if you haven't done it yet, you have just a couple more days to participate in my birthday research before I post the results. So if you have a birthday or have had a birthday in the past, you should take 30 seconds to take the survey.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Cameron's Birthday was this week, which means we decided that our next move is going to be to Neverland - we're much to ridiculous and immature for this to keep happening:
(I know, I know, this totally belongs on Cake Wrecks, but I dare you to try drawing George Washington with cream cheese icing and not have him look a little like Darth Vader. And let's be honest here, his hair doesn't look that great on the real quarter either.)

Anyway, as we have an awful lot of birthdays going on around here, I decided to make a survey for my own future reference (don't worry, I'll post results) to find out when the best time to have a birthday is. It's not even hard, there are only 3 questions for most of you (if you have a summer birthday there are a couple more questions for the benefit of our little guy who will share your plight). So, if you want to help settle the issue and make my day at the same time, you should take the survey below! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Rocks

Summer is finally here - cam had his first full week out of school last week, so we've finally been able to go on some rockin' adventures. We discovered that our library has passes that you can check out that get you into some great local attractions...such as The Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals.

The museum is in the former home of the Rice Family, I guess they were really big in the rock collecting community... which is cool and stuff, families should have things that they like to do together. I think Cam and I will stick to having adventures through, because I feel like rock collecting is one of those hobbies that could really weigh down a mobile lifestyle.

There were some rocks that were actually really cool though. This one was my favorite:
Doesn't it look like it's full of cotton? It looked like it would be totally soft inside, but it's actually all rock. They also had room of florescent rocks that glowed in black light. Wouldn't that be creepy to find outside?

Anyway, I have to give these guys props for making a whole museum that was fairly interesting about rocks. It's not exactly easy to spice up a row of rocks on a shelf... or keep me entertained for an hour and a half.
But the most awesome thing that we discovered is that the museum does weddings! You heard right - what better way could there be to celebrate a union that's going to last forever? And if you rent the backyard your guests can even do free tours of the museum... how cool would that be?! I'm putting in my bid that's where Nathan should have his reception in 13+ years.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Since we don't have any children yet, most of the enjoyment I get out of Mother's Day is from other people's children.

For example, In church today we were sitting on a bench behind a 2-year-old boy. His grandma was sitting next to him and she had a small whiteboard and a marker that she was using to draw pictures that he asked for. She drew a lion, then the batman symbol, and then a glass of juice. As soon as she finished the glass, he bent over and licked it up.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Down to Business

Today was Cameron’s last day of finals! Which means he is officially ¼ of the way through optometry school! We’re kinda excited about that.

Unfortunately, that means we have 3 more years to pay for, which is why Cam decided that he and his brother were going to open their own business this summer painting houses. They have both painted in various capacities for several years, and this year they decided they were going to ditch the overhead corporation and do it themselves.

So, in their “spare time” this last semester, the two of them worked on making it official: getting licensed, bonded, insured, and all that jazz. Meanwhile, I got to do the fun stuff like make these:

As you might have guessed, Chad's business card points to him (the slightly taller one). We were going for a "when we say 'small business with personal service,' we mean it!" sort of feel. 

Anyway, if you are in the Portland metro and you or someone you know is thinking about painting this summer, you know who to refer! (They are licensed in OR only). And please, if you know someone in Forest Grove tell them they should call, because I'm quite convinced that 95% of this town could use a good coat of paint. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Medieval Weekend

I realize there are groups of people all over the world that like to dress up in medieval garb and get together and party like it's 1215. However, I firmly believe that it is only here in Portland that I could be driving to the grocery store on a Friday afternoon and be delayed by dozens of them in the crosswalk.

It turns out there was a Medieval Fair down the street from us this weekend. Which means, of course, that we had to check it out, albeit dressed in modern outfits (...knew this would be a bad week to send my cloak to the cleaners!)

They had tents of people doing authentic middle-age things, like this blacksmith, or the guy next to him hand dipping beeswax candles.

Cam got to try on some "lightweight chain mail" that was still several pounds. They let him hold the sword for the picture as long as he didn't touch the blade.
Then there were some guys teaching a sword fighting class. Here Cam is learning the fine art of the Italian longsword with his friend Tim.

If you feel like you were missing some good fighting action, you weren't, that's about as intense as it got (hence the background conversation about slugs). However, we're still hoping that it has improved his lighsaber fighting skills for the next time he is challenged by his brother-in-law.