Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Results!

Finally, the moment I know you've been waiting for! Here are the results of the birthday survey - 52 respondents distributed across all 12 months (each month had 3-6), so not exactly representative of the population as a whole...but perhaps "indicative of possible trends".

And as a little treat, I have for you my first ever infographic!
What's that? You say I have too much time on my hands? Well, if you've ever wondered what you might accomplish if you didn't have a TV... now you know. 

Here are some of the things I learned from you:
  • We are accidentally the best parents ever, because our due date is during the "most desirable" time of year to have a birthday.
  • I'm entirely ungrateful because my birthday is in the second best time to have a birthday, and I felt pretty meh about it. 
  • For those that had a summer birthday - people were just as likely to like being younger than their peers as being older. Most people also mentioned that since high school, it hasn't made much of a difference for them either way. 
  • November and January are the most disliked by people who have birthdays then (60% and 80% respectively dislike their birthdays). However, the December birthdays seem to have learned to cope, since none of them disliked their birthdays, but 67% felt "fine" about them. 
  • The biggest problem with having a winter birthday was that it was too close to Christmas, so presents weren't spread out well. The most frequently mentioned benefit of a summer birthday was that it's equidistant from Christmas, so the presents are spread out. In conclusion... the biggest reason people care about when their birthday is has to do with the getting of presents.
These random facts made possible by the continued participation of blog readers like you! Thank you!


  1. If I would have found out about this survey, I would have said that having a November birthday is wonderful. I have one just around Thanksgiving so I get to see my family and there is always a tradition where there is 3 types of pie and two cakes (since my cousin has one a week away from mine).

    So go November! Although, I think regardless of the month, your son will be very happy every time his birthday comes around. He has a mother like you :)

  2. You are so talented and so stinkin cute. I too am ungrateful for my desired birthday i guess, hmmm.