Thursday, May 19, 2011


Cameron's Birthday was this week, which means we decided that our next move is going to be to Neverland - we're much to ridiculous and immature for this to keep happening:
(I know, I know, this totally belongs on Cake Wrecks, but I dare you to try drawing George Washington with cream cheese icing and not have him look a little like Darth Vader. And let's be honest here, his hair doesn't look that great on the real quarter either.)

Anyway, as we have an awful lot of birthdays going on around here, I decided to make a survey for my own future reference (don't worry, I'll post results) to find out when the best time to have a birthday is. It's not even hard, there are only 3 questions for most of you (if you have a summer birthday there are a couple more questions for the benefit of our little guy who will share your plight). So, if you want to help settle the issue and make my day at the same time, you should take the survey below! 


  1. I think you should submit it to cake wrecks...and when they reject it you will feel better about your cake decorating skills.