Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Down to Business

Today was Cameron’s last day of finals! Which means he is officially ¼ of the way through optometry school! We’re kinda excited about that.

Unfortunately, that means we have 3 more years to pay for, which is why Cam decided that he and his brother were going to open their own business this summer painting houses. They have both painted in various capacities for several years, and this year they decided they were going to ditch the overhead corporation and do it themselves.

So, in their “spare time” this last semester, the two of them worked on making it official: getting licensed, bonded, insured, and all that jazz. Meanwhile, I got to do the fun stuff like make these:

As you might have guessed, Chad's business card points to him (the slightly taller one). We were going for a "when we say 'small business with personal service,' we mean it!" sort of feel. 

Anyway, if you are in the Portland metro and you or someone you know is thinking about painting this summer, you know who to refer! (They are licensed in OR only). And please, if you know someone in Forest Grove tell them they should call, because I'm quite convinced that 95% of this town could use a good coat of paint. 

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