Monday, May 2, 2011

Medieval Weekend

I realize there are groups of people all over the world that like to dress up in medieval garb and get together and party like it's 1215. However, I firmly believe that it is only here in Portland that I could be driving to the grocery store on a Friday afternoon and be delayed by dozens of them in the crosswalk.

It turns out there was a Medieval Fair down the street from us this weekend. Which means, of course, that we had to check it out, albeit dressed in modern outfits (...knew this would be a bad week to send my cloak to the cleaners!)

They had tents of people doing authentic middle-age things, like this blacksmith, or the guy next to him hand dipping beeswax candles.

Cam got to try on some "lightweight chain mail" that was still several pounds. They let him hold the sword for the picture as long as he didn't touch the blade.
Then there were some guys teaching a sword fighting class. Here Cam is learning the fine art of the Italian longsword with his friend Tim.

If you feel like you were missing some good fighting action, you weren't, that's about as intense as it got (hence the background conversation about slugs). However, we're still hoping that it has improved his lighsaber fighting skills for the next time he is challenged by his brother-in-law.


  1. Courtney - you reminded me of another picture I forgot to post!

    What do the middle ages and ancient Egypt have in common? This: