Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Rocks

Summer is finally here - cam had his first full week out of school last week, so we've finally been able to go on some rockin' adventures. We discovered that our library has passes that you can check out that get you into some great local attractions...such as The Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals.

The museum is in the former home of the Rice Family, I guess they were really big in the rock collecting community... which is cool and stuff, families should have things that they like to do together. I think Cam and I will stick to having adventures through, because I feel like rock collecting is one of those hobbies that could really weigh down a mobile lifestyle.

There were some rocks that were actually really cool though. This one was my favorite:
Doesn't it look like it's full of cotton? It looked like it would be totally soft inside, but it's actually all rock. They also had room of florescent rocks that glowed in black light. Wouldn't that be creepy to find outside?

Anyway, I have to give these guys props for making a whole museum that was fairly interesting about rocks. It's not exactly easy to spice up a row of rocks on a shelf... or keep me entertained for an hour and a half.
But the most awesome thing that we discovered is that the museum does weddings! You heard right - what better way could there be to celebrate a union that's going to last forever? And if you rent the backyard your guests can even do free tours of the museum... how cool would that be?! I'm putting in my bid that's where Nathan should have his reception in 13+ years.

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