Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Becoming a toilet paper snob and other pregnancy side effects

I knew getting into this that pregnancy comes with more possible side effects than any other condition known to (wo)man. You hear about everything from hair loss to having your feet get bigger. The thing is, no one tells you about the really important stuff, so I thought I would share:
  • Becoming a toilet paper snob - I’ve never been brand loyal before, in fact, as I’ve mentioned before I have always had a hard time making decisions in that isle because I never knew what made toilet paper “good.” Let me tell you that after tripling the number of times I use it in a day, I now have an opinion.
  • You are expected to be grumpy.  People who ask how you are doing will be surprised if you respond otherwise. You can really shock people by responding with a smile, although most of them will still think it's forced.
  • Lowered standard of achievement – On the days I accomplish nothing, no one is surprised. If I manage to do something in a day, no matter how insignificant, people are impressed (and sometimes concerned).
  • Perfect strangers talk to you, ask personal questions, and offer to give you things. In fact, on Sunday we went for a little walk around the neighborhood, and a woman who was in her front yard with her toddler flagged us down to ask if we were having a boy, because if we were she had clothes to give us. She also asked about our childproofing efforts, and sent us on our way with a toilet lock and her phone number, so that after the baby comes we can get outlet covers and a safety gate. 


  1. How true all of those things are! You have to love those super friendly neighbors.

  2. Did you know that pregnancy also causes global warming?

  3. How does it do that? I believe it though- it certainly has been warmer the last few weeks.