Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Month Old

I know, isn't that crazy? It's hard to believe that we're still alive after an entire month of no more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep.

Don't get me wrong, I think we've been pretty spoiled over here with world's best behaved kid. I think the longest he's cried so far is maybe 20 minutes. In fact, our downstairs neighbor commented yesterday that he hadn't even heard him yet (that's a relief). 

To celebrate, I just thought I would share with you three random facts we've picked up over the last month:

  • Baby fingernails grow ridiculously fast: we've cut them 4 or 5 times already.
  • Apparently, babies sleep differently that adults. I looked this one up trying to figure out getting this guy to sleep, and found an interesting article about babies' sleep cycles. It's about how they spend more time in light sleep because it's better for brain development... which is why they wake up so easily.
  • Even though our doctor says that poo that looks just like green play dough normal... it's still gross.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Binky Babies

I didn't design this, but it's so cute and helpful that I just had to share. Meet Wes' moose:
The solution to the problem that pacifiers fall out after about two seconds. Also a great use for the hundreds of beanie babies you probably have in your parents' attic if you were a tween in the 90's like me (ok, so i only had 7... I was a collector on a small allowance/budget).

My friend Heidi made it, styled after her daughter's frog. That's velcro sewn onto the nose, and hot-glued to the back of the pacifier. The beans make it positionable, and it weighs just enough to counter accidental fall-out-age with out being a choking hazard.
Plus, they make such cute friends don't they? Cam likes to put it on Wes' chest and then wrap his arms around it lie they're hugging. He keeps switching back and forth between calling him Mr. Moose and Mrs. Moose though. Given the amount of time they spend lip-locked, I say it better be a Miss Moose.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby's First Camping Trip

For the last 8 months or so, Cam has been really excited about taking his son on his first camping trip. So at 3 weeks old, Wes has not learned to sleep through the night or even smile, but he had his first camping trip.

We went to Loon Lake, where Cameron’s fam does a weeklong camping trip every year. But, with one major difference: there was no way I was sleeping in a tent with a crying kid or changing his diaper in the frigid morning air (how rude). So for our camping trip we slept in a motel on the other side of the lake, which was still camping in the sense that there was no cell phone reception and no wi-fi (and yes, I realize that by that definition everything prior to the 1980’s would also be considered camping). We still went over to have dinner with Cam’s family at their campsite, which means that I still got a couple bug bites and ended up smelling like smoke… so it’s not like I got out unscathed. 

Wes was a super-champ though and slept pretty much the entire trip (day and night). I only have just a couple of pictures of him there because he was only awake for about an hour total. 
Good Morning Sunshine! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Perfume

Our little guy discovered how to spit-up yesterday. Last night he had a good one that got in his ear, caked his hair on one side, and got me pretty good too. This morning I had been up for less than an hour when I had a small diaper do a large leak all over me. Cam was at work, and with no shower in sight, I was starting to feel like I'm going to be smelling like poo and spit-up for the next few years.

Then my Mom, wonderful as she is, came over. She held Wes and got him to sleep while I took a shower. Then she cleaned our kitchen, bathroom, and even vacuumed. When the little man got up we gave him a bath and got all the gross out of his hair. He smelled good. I smelled good. Even the house smelled good. 

Literally 5 minutes after she left I was holding Mr. Wes on the couch and he exploded, emptying the (surprisingly large) contents of his stomach. He covered himself and tagged the couch, but the bulk of it landed on me. 

And now I am quite confident I am going to spend the next few years smelling like poo and rancid milk. 

Monday, July 11, 2011


Sorry about the post delay- I figured the best way to explain the reason was to share with you our little guy's sleeping talents:

1. Sleeping while being held:

2. Sleeping while being held in any position

(looks comfy doesn't it?)
3. Waking up instantly when we set him down anywhere. Including his bed. Looks like I'm going to have to improve my one-handed typing skills.

The other place he likes sleeping is in the car, but only while it's moving. Stop signs=Awake. Stoplights, crosswalks, and turn lanes= you get the idea. 

Luckily, Cam has some sleeping talents of his own:
1. The ability to sleep through fussing, lights, diaper changes, and a myriad of other loud things
2. The ability to fall back asleep instantly when woken up.

Unfortunately, I have neither of those talents. Which is why Cam is confident that going camping next week is a good idea, and I am...hesitant.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making an Entrance

So Cam and baby are taking a nap on the couch, and I finally have a moment to write about our little guy's big entrance week. This post is going to be epic, so if you want the details, go ahead and read the whole thing. If what you really want is just the cliff notes version, so you’re not out of the loop in circles where respectable blogs such as this are discussed, just stick to the words in bold and you’ll have a good idea of what went down.

I had been having contractions randomly and unpredictable since Saturday, but I woke up at 2am Monday morning with really big contractions that were 6-7 minutes apart.  I tried somewhat unsuccessfully to doze between timing them, and by 3:00 they were down to 5 minutes apart and lasted a minute each. We were told to go to the hospital when they were five minutes apart, lasted a minute and had been that way for an hour, so at 3:30 I woke up Cam and said, “hey… I’ve been having very painful contractions that last a minute and are 5 minutes apart for the last 30 minutes.”

“Can you sleep through them?”
“Oh… well, goodnight then.”

And with that he turned over and went back to sleep. (He claims they said in birthing class that you should try to rest during early labor, so if both of you can’t sleep at least one of you should. I don’t remember that part.)

At 4am I woke him up again and said it had been an hour, so he got up and we got our stuff together and drove the 15 minutes (3 contractions) to the hospital.  We went to labor and delivery where they monitored contractions before they decided, that yes they were large contractions every five minutes, but unfortunately, I was only dilated 1-2cm.

So they had us get up and walk laps around labor and delivery, which is one very small loop. Even with walking slowing and stopping for contractions, we passed the nurses station 20 times in an hour. Then they checked again, and there was no change, so they sent us home at 7am to do more walking, and said to come back when things progressed.

We went home, and while Cam rescheduled his day, I took a nap that consisted of roughly 4 out of every 5 minutes for an hour.  We went to the wildlife preserve by our house to walk, so people didn’t get concerned when they saw me having contractions on the side of the road (it was less flooded this time if you were concerned).  We walked until noon then went home, rested briefly, and went on another walk until 4pm. At that point we called my doctor and said we didn’t think anything had changed, but at that point I was tired of walking and the contractions were getting to me, so she said we could go back and have them check again.

 So we got our stuff together again and started going back to the hospital. About halfway there I had a really big contraction and my water exploded. So I walked back into labor and delivery dripping wet…gross. This time they admitted us right away even thought I was only 3cm because they were worried about infection because of the fluid color. They hooked me up to an IV with antibiotics and some drugs so I could try to rest and not be exhausted before we got to pushing.

But just as I was getting quite dizzy from the medication and my doctor was on her way, the baby’s heart monitor started dropping from 130ish all the way to down to 60. In the next 3 minutes, all at once they were turning me in different positions to find one that picked his rate up, as they hooked me up to a monitor, had me breathing through an oxygen mask, put in an epidural, and prepared for a c-section.  It was scary, but luckily we found that lying on my left side his heart rate picked up to at least over 100, which was safe. (Here I am looking comfortable and cute!)
And I stayed on my side without moving while I finished dilating for the next several hours. My mom and sister, Whitney, came for support. We talked while Cameron quickly tried to finish the baby blanket he was crocheting. The nurses were very surprised, and said they had never had a crocheting dad before. For the rest of our hospital stay we had nurses coming in who were told they should ask to see his “project” after which they all told him how adorable it was.
At least with the epidural I could sort of rest, although I learned that sometimes with an epidural there can be a “window” where you still have feeling- mine felt like the size of a pencil eraser, but it was the weirdest/most annoying thing that I could still feel every contraction there, while the rest of my body was clueless.

Just before 9pm, his heart rate started to drop again. At this point I was dilated to 9cm and he was descended +2. Instantly, the decision was made that we had one chance and only a few minutes to get him out, or they would be doing an emergency c-section. So with no warning, and not completely dilated, it was time to push.  

I pushed as hard as I could while my mom counted (would not have made it without that!) and Cam told me what was going on. They had to do an episiotomy and use the vacuum extractor to get him out faster because they were running out of time. Finally he came out with his cord around his neck, but they were able to quickly flip it off, cut it and he was fine. (Of course, no one told me that until later which is why I was so frustrated when they didn’t bring him over to me right away, and instead took him away to make sure that everything was okay- which is why I look so distraught in all the pictures right after the birth).
 But we’re home now and he’s doing great, and we’re all the more grateful that it turned out so well for us!
Here he is all cleaned up 4 days later: