Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby's First Camping Trip

For the last 8 months or so, Cam has been really excited about taking his son on his first camping trip. So at 3 weeks old, Wes has not learned to sleep through the night or even smile, but he had his first camping trip.

We went to Loon Lake, where Cameron’s fam does a weeklong camping trip every year. But, with one major difference: there was no way I was sleeping in a tent with a crying kid or changing his diaper in the frigid morning air (how rude). So for our camping trip we slept in a motel on the other side of the lake, which was still camping in the sense that there was no cell phone reception and no wi-fi (and yes, I realize that by that definition everything prior to the 1980’s would also be considered camping). We still went over to have dinner with Cam’s family at their campsite, which means that I still got a couple bug bites and ended up smelling like smoke… so it’s not like I got out unscathed. 

Wes was a super-champ though and slept pretty much the entire trip (day and night). I only have just a couple of pictures of him there because he was only awake for about an hour total. 
Good Morning Sunshine! 


  1. Haha, Kim I'm glad you stood your ground. I don't think I could take a newborn camping at 3-weeks either! My mom did though. I first went camping a little after I was a week old, while my mom also had three other kiddos to chase around. Can you imagine?!

    p.s. he looks like a horch. exactly how i pictured him to look! he is darling!!

  2. I love your definition of camping! I endorse it. :)