Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Binky Babies

I didn't design this, but it's so cute and helpful that I just had to share. Meet Wes' moose:
The solution to the problem that pacifiers fall out after about two seconds. Also a great use for the hundreds of beanie babies you probably have in your parents' attic if you were a tween in the 90's like me (ok, so i only had 7... I was a collector on a small allowance/budget).

My friend Heidi made it, styled after her daughter's frog. That's velcro sewn onto the nose, and hot-glued to the back of the pacifier. The beans make it positionable, and it weighs just enough to counter accidental fall-out-age with out being a choking hazard.
Plus, they make such cute friends don't they? Cam likes to put it on Wes' chest and then wrap his arms around it lie they're hugging. He keeps switching back and forth between calling him Mr. Moose and Mrs. Moose though. Given the amount of time they spend lip-locked, I say it better be a Miss Moose.


  1. This is very clever, in a funny sort of way! My sister has a million beanie babies-maybe she should start making these : )

  2. I always tried to think of a way to do this without it being a choking hazard. Too late for me now!