Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Perfume

Our little guy discovered how to spit-up yesterday. Last night he had a good one that got in his ear, caked his hair on one side, and got me pretty good too. This morning I had been up for less than an hour when I had a small diaper do a large leak all over me. Cam was at work, and with no shower in sight, I was starting to feel like I'm going to be smelling like poo and spit-up for the next few years.

Then my Mom, wonderful as she is, came over. She held Wes and got him to sleep while I took a shower. Then she cleaned our kitchen, bathroom, and even vacuumed. When the little man got up we gave him a bath and got all the gross out of his hair. He smelled good. I smelled good. Even the house smelled good. 

Literally 5 minutes after she left I was holding Mr. Wes on the couch and he exploded, emptying the (surprisingly large) contents of his stomach. He covered himself and tagged the couch, but the bulk of it landed on me. 

And now I am quite confident I am going to spend the next few years smelling like poo and rancid milk. 


  1. Ditto. We've got a barfer on our hands and I have generally given up smelling good and have clean clothes. Thank heavens they grow out of it eventually!

  2. Well I know how you smelled when I left, so I will just take that memory with me!

  3. To keep you looking forward to the future... there was a day where E spit up (and majorly so) every single time we burped him. Whitney went through all of the shirts that she owned that still fit her, I gave up and just wore the spit up with pride. Today, after nearly 4 days of no bowel movements, he decided to let it all go...in his car seat. There was so much that it was pooling in the bottom of the seat and dripping through to the carpet (fortunately of our apartment) underneath. Isn't it a blast?

  4. Yep. The joys of parenthood no one shares with you. Also, if Wes keeps leaking, maybe he's not in the right size diapers.