Monday, July 11, 2011


Sorry about the post delay- I figured the best way to explain the reason was to share with you our little guy's sleeping talents:

1. Sleeping while being held:

2. Sleeping while being held in any position

(looks comfy doesn't it?)
3. Waking up instantly when we set him down anywhere. Including his bed. Looks like I'm going to have to improve my one-handed typing skills.

The other place he likes sleeping is in the car, but only while it's moving. Stop signs=Awake. Stoplights, crosswalks, and turn lanes= you get the idea. 

Luckily, Cam has some sleeping talents of his own:
1. The ability to sleep through fussing, lights, diaper changes, and a myriad of other loud things
2. The ability to fall back asleep instantly when woken up.

Unfortunately, I have neither of those talents. Which is why Cam is confident that going camping next week is a good idea, and I am...hesitant.

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  1. Kim I totally feel for you. Matthew was the same way; he only slept during the day if I held him and he only slept for 2-3 hour stretches at night. That lasted a long time. It might get ugly before it gets better, but someday you will feel like a real person again and your little boy will learn to sleep. Even if it takes a year. Best of luck!