Monday, August 29, 2011

Ode to Moving

A year ago when we moved in to this apartment I had 3 issues with it:
  1. The bathroom fan- which Cam fixed for me in the first week.
  2. The yellow window- which, while it may have been a bit much in August, was actually nice on gloomy winter days. If I left the other windows covered, it felt like a sunny day. Also, Wesley is absolutely mesmerized by it- it's distracted him from crying more than once.
  3. The neighbor who can see through my sliding glass door- We solved this one by putting our couch in front of the sliding door to limit the view (we covered it in plastic all winter anyway, so it was already useless). 
The unfortunate side effect of blocking the window was that we never really talked to him. We would just see him all day every day in his recliner in by the window typing on his computer. The only time we saw him leave his apartment was once a week to walk to the convenience store a block away to buy more cigarettes and a Big Gulp.

For months we would hypothesize about what he did all day. I think our final guesses were down to:
A. Running a very large online business
B. Highly illegal web activity
C. Facebook

It was June before we had a conversation with him, at which point he learned we were having a boy, and we learned that he is a poet/actor who occasionally preforms monologues that he writes. I never would have guessed that. So, in honor of the poet-neighbor we are leaving behind, I have written a poem of my own:

Ode To Moving

Goodbye to my bathroom fan
you were loud and obnoxious
but Cam turned you off

Goodbye to my yellow window
you made my days yellower
Wesley will miss you

Goodbye to our porch neighbor
Alas, we never knew thee
but we will appreciate having our privacy

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