Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sleep Deprived

I think am losing my mind.

I'm not sure if it's from the lack of sleep, or from how much time he spends in my arms, but now and again when Wes wakes up crying in the middle of the night I wake up thinking that I'm already holding him. Like my pre-waking brain senses actual weight in my arms.

Before, I wasn't so far off, since he was in the cradle right next to me. It would take me a sec, and then I would just reach over and pick him up. However, two days ago we moved him down the hall.

Last night I reached a new level of nutty. When Wes woke up crying, my brain realized he was down the hall and that he was hungry... but it was still convinced I was holding a baby. So I woke Cam up and I said, "Can you hold this one while I go get Wesley?"

Then I tried to hand him an imaginary baby, but the hand-off wasn't working because I couldn't get a good grip (duh, no baby there). At that point I finally realized what was going on and just went to get our real and only child.

Luckily, Cam has been slow to wake up too, because he promptly fell back asleep and didn't question me.


  1. Ah. Lack of sleep. I have felt, for at least 11 years of my life, that it would NEVER end. But, now, I have an end in sight! I have to say, I have had many weird hallucinations like the one you described.

  2. I think without my daily naps I would never have made it.

    PS, I LOVE baby Wesley on your header. You are just too talented Kim!