Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 Months

Our small person is all grown up! Just look at that head lifting! Wesley is now 3 months old, and can crudely grasp things, roll from front to back, sing, and sleep for 6 hours in a row!

This man is well on his way to being as silly as his parents. Here are some of his favorite things:
  1. Sucking on whatever he can get in his mouth, usually his hands
  2. Playing with his ears
  3. Giving himself "wet willies" (see 1 and 2)
  4. Baths (especially the noise of kicking his feet)
  5. Getting his diaper changed. If he wakes up grumpy, a change will put him in a good mood (he especially likes chilly wipes...what a weirdy.)
  6. Standing up (unfortunately he can't do this for himself yet)
  7. Singing (songs with 'Ohhh's get him to sing along)
  8. Cameron's harmonica playing.
  9. Flying with Cam.
  10. When the cute baby in the mirror (his best friend) smiles at him.


  1. Oh he's SO BIG!! Enjoy all the baby phases for me. Living far away I miss EVERYTHING! He is so cute, and not just in the he's-my-nephew-so-I-have-to-think-he's-cute kind of way, like seriously handsome!