Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apartment Makeover Part 1: Free Dresser

Moving into a new home always seems to come with a list of projects. I've decided to do a bit of a series about our move in, so hopefully it's interesting and enlightening to you... and if you don't care you better comment now or forever hold your peace (or at least until I finish my projects).

Most pressing on my list so far has been getting a dresser. In our last apartment we shared with Wesley, but now that he has his own room we are one short. I had been frequenting craigslist and goodwill searching, and several times almost gave in and spent money on one. But magically, last week, we were driving down Main Street and passed a huge pile of junky looking furniture left over from a rummage sale...with a free sign.

Cheap as we are, we aborted whatever errand we were on to pick through it. I found just what I was looking for: a dresser that's solid and functional, but totally ugly. I'm entirely pleased- not a single broken drawer.

Of course, when we found the dresser we were driving Sheila, the Toyota Corolla that Cam bought from his Dad before we met. Unfortunately the dresser didn't fit in the trunk. Unwilling to give up my golden find, we tried every idea we could come up with including taking Wesley's Car seat out of the back.

A homeless looking fellow rummager came over to try to help us stuff the dresser into Sheila. Although unhelpful, she was very kind and even offered us some of her other prized finds, including a framed picture of a goose with a bow-tie. She was animate that we could leave the dresser hanging out of the trunk as long as we went and found something red in the pile to tie to it.

Instead, Cameron found a mattress pad, so we put that on the roof and tied the dresser on top with some rope Cameron happened to have (always keeps in case of emergency) in the trunk. We had to roll the windows down and tie the doors shut. Then we climbed through the windows and drove home with the wind in our hair. We stopped at the hardware store for supplies- so cam climbed out the window, while I stayed in the car to guard our find.
Shoot, that's a long post already- you'll have to come back for part 2... the actual dresser makeover (it was fraught with danger and excitement, so I promise it will be worth it!)

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