Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apartment Makeover Part 2:Dresser debugging

In continuation from yesterday's post that ended abruptly with my attention span...

We unloaded the dresser from the roof of Sheila and moved it to our (new) back patio for sanding. We pried off the broken hardware, sanded it off, and left it outside for 2 days while we took care of some logistics.

I wanted it to match the end table that I refinished back in May, but Cam suggested not using acrylic paint this time (since the wood ate it last time). So we picked up a gallon of metro paint (half the price and very appropriate; a recycled paint for recycled furniture).

After 2 days on the patio I made two horrific discoveries. First that there is a pine tree that drips sap all over the patio, and consequently, my dresser. That came off with some water and a little scrubbing. But then as I was about to pick up the first drawer and bring it in for sanding, I noticed a very large spider where my hand was about to go.

I have a very very large fear of spiders. Aside: two weeks after Wes was born I was out in our living room trying to calm him down at 2am and I noticed a spider on the ceiling across the room. I froze- because I can't smash spiders on the ceiling (if you miss they drop on you), and I couldn't go wake Cam (because he could hide and then I wouldn't be able to sleep all night because I would have visions of him creeping towards my bed). So I yelled from the front room until he woke up and came out. He is very kind and understanding. So I made Cam smash it before he left for class. However, it was only after he left and I carried that drawer inside that I found it had two more spiders on it. Gross.

Then I got to work on the painting. I watered down some black acrylic and painted a thin layer. Then I printed out my leaf design on paper, and used tacky glue spray glued it to contact paper (so I didn't have to trace it) and cut it out. I used that to mask the areas that I wanted the wood to show through when I painted the drawer white, and sanded some of the paint back off.
I went out to inspect my other drawers and my fear was confirmed. Spiders on every single one. I made the decision that I would never go out on the patio ever again, and waited for Cam to get home to de-spider my other drawers. He did his best, but as I was working on them I still had to call him over to get two spiders and an earwig. Double Gross.

Then I had to deal with the rest of the dresser. I had Cam bring it out in front of the apartment and put up with keeping the neighbor kids out of my wet paint and explaining how the masking worked to the mail man rather than trying to brave the patio. 
Cam ran another spider check while bringing it inside. There was no way I was putting any clothing that might end up on my body anywhere where a spider might be, so I ran my own through check... and five more spiders were killed before I was satisfied that it could go in my room. 

Now I have a dresser and no patio. 


  1. Oh my goodness! That is a lot of spiders! We had a lot of spiders in our first house and I sprayed around the perimeter and windows with spider spray after one crawled on me--it seemed to work.

  2. You are so talented! I love how the masking worked I am glad you have Cam to take care of those spiders!

  3. The dresser looks great. Does this mean I need to take the other dresser home now?