Friday, September 23, 2011

Apartment Makeover Part 3: A little OCD

So after some debate, I decided to re-do my bedside table to match the dresser. Yes, the one that I painted in May that I painted the dresser to match. But don't you see the problem?
They don't quite match. Even after I got a matching knob for the side table.

The dresser was just a little whiter. 

I know this is OCD of me. Especially since there is no way to tell unless they are next to each other. But I would know, and it would drive me crazy every time I thought about it.

So here it is in it's new MATCHING glory:

Okay. Now we can move on to the rest of the house. 

On an unrelated note... you know our baby that hates tummy time? The one that screams every whenever we make him do it? Well it turns out he's just wasn't such a fan of all those "boy color" blankets we always use.

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