Monday, September 19, 2011

Chalk Festival Weekend

This weekend we participated in the Forest Grove Sidewalk Chalk Festival again, and it rained... again. But after the rain cleared up we had a pretty good day for drawing. Even Wes got involved, he and Cam helped with blending.
I was a procrastinator this year and didn't show up with a plan, but I think our square turned out okay, which was important because we got prime intersection real estate this year.

But since we started late, I only had time to get halfway done before we had to run off to help with our new church building open house. But I'm thinking about sneaking back and adding a quote underneath in the space that's left. Suggestions?

And because they were too cool not to post about, here were some of our favorites this year. Sorry I don't know who to credit, but if you do, let me know!


  1. 2 comments:
    1-this may be the first and only picture of you wearing glasses since you started wearing contacts.
    2-your square looks very van Gogh-esque. Was that intentional, or a result of the medium you were using?

  2. Unintentional, but funny given that Cam joked I should do a rendition of Starry Starry Night. It was actually kinda hard to get solid color blocks with the chalk, because it wants to blend so badly at the edges.

  3. Hey, This is Tyler (From YSA). I stumbled upon your blog and was just looking around and found this. As I was looking I was suprised to find that I did recognize a couple of the squares. One that I know who to credit is the 'Slight Alterations' one. That would be Kate (My Girlfriend that you met at the white elephant activity), her sister, and two best friends.

  4. That's awesome Tyler! We loved that one so much because we went to a talk once by the guy responsible for Pluto's status change, and he talked about getting hate mail from 4th graders and whatnot. It was quite funny!