Monday, October 10, 2011

Apartment Makeover Part 4: Abstract Expressionism

One of the difficulties that we have had trying to decorate out apartment is figuring out what to do with the really long walls in our front room. After trying unsuccessfully to find something that fits the space we decided we were going to have to make it ourselves.

We wanted to make a painting that was about 5 feet long, longer than any pre-stretched canvas or stretcher boards I've seen, which means we had to make our own. For stretcher boards, we bought 1x2s from Lowe's and Cameron notched the ends before gluing them together.   

We used a leftover drop canvas that Cam used for painting over the summer (although you can get canvas at any art or fabric store). Then we used a staple gun to attach the canvas as we stretched it (do opposing sides first working from the middle out and pull as tight as you possibly can).
We wanted this to be a piece that the whole family could participate in, so we decided to get our Pollock on. It turns out that Wes is quite the budding artist. 

Immediately after this picture, baths were had all around. 

Our painting took a whole day to dry, and finally got hung up this morning. And now I present to you our work of art:


  1. How cute! What a great idea. Cameron, is this why you wanted the pop-up? BTW, I still have a green canvas in the attic waiting to be claimed!

  2. No, the pop up cover is for camping in the rain, and having picnics and soccer games and other such things in the rain. We'll work on a spot for that green canvas though.