Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wesley's first Halloween, which means we have a victim with no say whatsoever in what he is going to wear.

Which means we still get to be what we want to be

Which is ninjas

But we don't have ninja stuff

So we are Pirates.
 Cam made the swords out of boards he found in a free wood pile. Then we spray painted them gold. Add that to the list of times I've been grateful to have gold spray paint on hand.

That is also the best picture of the boot-spats I made him because he HAD to have boots.

This picture totally misses the awesomeness of my pirate socks... I promise they were rockin'.

Shake ya tail feather.


  1. I love the Kid History reference. Great job on the costumes!

  2. Um, fail on getting a picture of your entire outfit. Also, we feel Wesley should have had some kind of feather on his head to complete the outfit (but we forgive you, because headgear and children don't always go together). And I hope that someone made a reference to the Dread Pirate Roberts on my behalf.

  3. I Love's the only time we adults can act like kids and have fun. The Pirate theme is great.