Monday, October 31, 2011

A Wedding Shoot?

So funny story... I took pictures for someone's wedding this weekend. You're shocked. I know.

So about two weeks ago, I got an email from a lady at church that her daughter was getting married this weekend. She was looking for someone to take pictures, since they didn't have a photographer, and were running a very low-budget operation. And I thought to myself, "bummer...I hope they find someone."

Then last weekend I saw her email still in my inbox, and my heart was sad thinking about that poor couple who might not have pictures of their wedding, so I just sent her an email to ask if they had found someone.

She called me back... it turns out that someone else at church said she could do it, but she had never done a wedding before and was really nervous. So we decided to both do it, and hopefully between the two of us we would have something turn out.

It ended up working out nicely... I think. She is good at technical stuff and dealing with people, and I'm good at really crazy ideas. That said, will I be doing it again in the near future? No. At least not without backup. My shooting just isn't reliable enough, It took me 325 shots to get about 20 good pictures for them. It was fun though... and it's always fun to have pictures of other people to photoshop.

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