Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back in the Jungle

I got a pair of beat up nasty kid-sized chairs from my friend a couple months ago. She was going to re-paint them, but gave up. I can totally understand that, they were pretty much coming apart, and so beat up that if you sanded out all the dents they would be totally misshapen.
Of course, the best way to keep people from noticing that there are dents is to have a design on the chair to distract the eye. Not that I could ever paint anything a solid color anyway.

So first off, I asked Cam if he could do something about the wobbliness. I was thinking he would add a couple screws into joints... but he took the first chair completely apart piece by piece, stabbing himself with a rusty nail in the process, and then screwed the whole thing back together. 

I asked if he thought it would handle our 14 pound son now, and he said, "yeah, I realized I was making it strong enough to hold a gorilla." As we don't have any gorillas currently, the second chair he just added a couple screws into joints. 

Although I considered having them match Wesley's nautical themed room (post forthcoming), ultimately I decided that the jungle shelf was lonely and that I really wanted some good animal print.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, what I was really grateful for is a husband who, as I was bemoaning my inability to paint uniformly pointed out, "the world already has lots of people who paint uniformly."

I'm grateful he puts up with me. 


  1. Those are too cute! I think you did a fantastic job!

  2. Kim we love you because you are unique in all the world and we are fortunate that you belong to us.