Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Review

As of today we have been married for three whole years. I know, three WHOLE ones. Which means it is time for the annual YEAR IN REVIEW:

 January We had a warm and sunny trip to the Coast in Oregon? Cam went to rub shoulders with real optometrists in Olympia, while Kim adjusted to her new work from home in her PJs lifestyle, and got her pink plastic-rimmed glasses (which were perfect for…)

February We discovered that we were having a BOY, which overshadowed anything else we did all month. Cam made him shoes, and began crocheting a blue blanket.

March was wet and moldy so we spent most of it outside for some reason, spotting whales at the coast and tromping around wetlands. I had to start wearing maternity pants. Cam used his “spare time” between school and teaching to take a course to get his contractor’s license.

In April I took an epic road trip (7months pregnant) to Utah involving a car breaking down in stages, and running out of gas. Cam had a pleasant flight.

Cam got out of school in May so he and his brother opened their painting business (I made them the coolest business cards ever). We got called to be the Young Single Adult advisors at church (qualification=not single, apparently being adults isn’t required).

Then in June our lives changed forever. After consuming several pineapples and waddling for miles, we finally coaxed our small person to come join us. Cameron finished the blanket just in time. Wesley was a whopping 7lbs and 3oz and looked exactly like his dad. We were tired from that moment through...

July Wesley went on his very first camping trip, and I just gave in to the fact that I’m going to smell like poo and spit-up for the next few years. He didn’t seem interested in sleep, so as it turns out, that’s all Cam and I wanted to do.

In August we moved, which means I started “working out,” and Wes got his own room (and promptly started sleeping better). Wesley acquired an imaginary sibling, and stopped looking anything like his dad. The painting business ended its run, successfully providing for one small family and keeping Cam busy.

September We worked hard at moving into our house, filling it with furniture and getting rid of spiders. Cam started up year 2 of Optometry school. Wes taught himself to roll over both ways way too early and learned how to balance on Dad’s hand. He rolled and wiggled into…

October We went yurt camping, and discovered Wes has a future as an artist.  I won the judges choice award in the Chili Cook-off, and we crusaded as pirates.

In November Cam did a vision screening for homeless people, Wesley slept through his first musical, and I painted animal print (un-uniformly).

December Cameron worked really hard on eating muffins/studying and Wes made his stage debut. We watched 20 hours of Harry Potter, Wesley got lots of cool toys wrapping paper, and Cam went on a camping trip in the rain to test out his new gear (he says the water purifier works great mom!)

Good, but we talked it over and we think we can do better... we're going to see if we can squeeze in a road trip to Fiji or something so we've got some more interesting stuff for 2012! 

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses by Cam's family (who think they're not creative):

Cameron's Tudor Castle- complete with a moat and a red brick foundation
 Kaylie's more candy than gingerbread house
 My French garden inspired house
 Ashlee's swimming pool... with a house behind it
 Chad's cross section of a gingerbread house
 And Grandma and Grandpa's cute house

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Nativity

Last week at church we were asked if Wesley could be the star of the Nativity at the church Christmas party this weekend. We said that yes, that would be alright.

Then we were asked if Cam and I would mind playing Mary and Joseph. We had just signed our son up, so we really couldn't say no.

After rehearsal this morning, we weren't so sure things were going to work out well. Wes got really upset in the car, and then threw off his schedule by sleeping an extra hour. Then in the afternoon, Wes had a major meltdown. He was so upset he wouldn't even eat. After another nap, some tenuous time dancing around the house, and a little encouragement from his girlfriend (a story for another day I guess) he was at least not in a bad mood.

A half hour, before the show, Wes started to be really tired. Cam took him in a dark room (all wrapped in his swaddling clothes) and managed to got him to take a nap. Then one of the wise men held the sleeping Wesley while we traveled to bethlehem.

Once I brought Wes onstage into the lights, his eyes popped right open. Miraculously, he didn't move or make a single noise. I think he was so surprised by the lights and all the people staring at him. He was quiet in his swaddle the whole time we were onstage.

Then we went offstage and came back to depict the wise men visiting baby Jesus as a child. By then he was awake enough to be sitting up, but still a little surprised still, so he watched each of the wise men with interest, and then wanted to stare at his presents.

Cam and I let out a sigh of relief when we got offstage. Not a single fuss, and he was generally happy at that point. Wesley's stage debut=success.

If you want to see a nativity almost as awesome as ours, you should check out the videos on this youtube channel. My favorite is this one about Mary and Joseph traveling, I can definitively say after our roadtrip 7 months pregnant, that I would have had more than my feet in the water if I was in her place!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The eyebrow

Seriously mom? You think I'm going to smile for the camera?


Monday, December 12, 2011

Stud(y) Muffins

We're in full Finals Week mode over here... at least we're working on it.

With such nice weather and so many other fun things he could be doing, Cam has been having a hard time finding the motivation to study. So I made him these:
We're not above food bribes over here. Especially when it works. Saturday at 9:30 Cam was thinking about calling it a night... but then he wanted a muffin, so deep down inside his stomach he found the will to put in another 45 minutes. Muffin accomplished.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Pictures

Sorry it's been a few days, Wesley and I have matching colds isn't that cute? We've been a little lame around here for a few days.

I did get to go last week to take pictures of my friend Amy's new little girl. I volunteered to do it, because as much as I love taking pictures of Wes, his dad would never let me do this:
 And unfortunately he doesn't look nearly this cute in a hat with flowers on it.
Well, he probably would, but I'm not allowed to try.

I just couldn't believe how tiny she was! And the crazy thing was that she's bigger than Wesley was when he was born. It's hard to imagine this kid was ever that small:

We had to re-arrange our whole house this weekend too because he started getting up on his knees and is beginning to scoot himself along... so we decided that having easy access to scissors and glue are not in his best interest. Hopefully we can put off crawling until we take the tree down!