Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Pictures

Sorry it's been a few days, Wesley and I have matching colds isn't that cute? We've been a little lame around here for a few days.

I did get to go last week to take pictures of my friend Amy's new little girl. I volunteered to do it, because as much as I love taking pictures of Wes, his dad would never let me do this:
 And unfortunately he doesn't look nearly this cute in a hat with flowers on it.
Well, he probably would, but I'm not allowed to try.

I just couldn't believe how tiny she was! And the crazy thing was that she's bigger than Wesley was when he was born. It's hard to imagine this kid was ever that small:

We had to re-arrange our whole house this weekend too because he started getting up on his knees and is beginning to scoot himself along... so we decided that having easy access to scissors and glue are not in his best interest. Hopefully we can put off crawling until we take the tree down!

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