Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Nativity

Last week at church we were asked if Wesley could be the star of the Nativity at the church Christmas party this weekend. We said that yes, that would be alright.

Then we were asked if Cam and I would mind playing Mary and Joseph. We had just signed our son up, so we really couldn't say no.

After rehearsal this morning, we weren't so sure things were going to work out well. Wes got really upset in the car, and then threw off his schedule by sleeping an extra hour. Then in the afternoon, Wes had a major meltdown. He was so upset he wouldn't even eat. After another nap, some tenuous time dancing around the house, and a little encouragement from his girlfriend (a story for another day I guess) he was at least not in a bad mood.

A half hour, before the show, Wes started to be really tired. Cam took him in a dark room (all wrapped in his swaddling clothes) and managed to got him to take a nap. Then one of the wise men held the sleeping Wesley while we traveled to bethlehem.

Once I brought Wes onstage into the lights, his eyes popped right open. Miraculously, he didn't move or make a single noise. I think he was so surprised by the lights and all the people staring at him. He was quiet in his swaddle the whole time we were onstage.

Then we went offstage and came back to depict the wise men visiting baby Jesus as a child. By then he was awake enough to be sitting up, but still a little surprised still, so he watched each of the wise men with interest, and then wanted to stare at his presents.

Cam and I let out a sigh of relief when we got offstage. Not a single fuss, and he was generally happy at that point. Wesley's stage debut=success.

If you want to see a nativity almost as awesome as ours, you should check out the videos on this youtube channel. My favorite is this one about Mary and Joseph traveling, I can definitively say after our roadtrip 7 months pregnant, that I would have had more than my feet in the water if I was in her place!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Isn't Wes a little young to be making out with his girlfriends? I guess he really is turning into the Dread Pirate Roberts!

  2. They're not making out, he's styling her hair.