Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Wesley Update

Wesley had a busy week this week:
  1. Finally, last night he started crawling! We now have a boy in motion! (I mean forward motion... I don't think he's stopped moving since he was born.)
  2. He's made new discoveries in the relationships between force and volume. Wesley's new favorite toys are bowls, any kind really. He likes to hit them, hit things with them, hit them with things, and put them on his head.
  3. We had to put away his activity gym and baby swing. He is now able to roll into one of the poles on the gym and roll it on top of himself, and when he leans forward in his swing it swings all the way back and gets stuck. The bumbo chair will be going in the next week or so too. 
  4. He decided that he was done with sleeping, so for the last couple days he's been taking only two 45-minute naps. The thing is that he has been his usual happy, smiling self, so I guess he's still getting enough sleep? I on the other hand haven't gotten a thing done.
Wesley never stops moving. Cam and I were just discussing that we're a little concerned that we've created a monster. Seriously, though he just did this for the last two hours:
He's in his pajamas because (silly us) we thought it was bedtime an hour and a half ago. Be honest, have you ever met a child with this much energy before? (and did they turn out to be ridiculous?)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Be Classy

I've been seeing cute painted boards with family mottos all over pinterest lately. Stuff like "We love each other and do nice things and give hugs..."

In our little house we believe in family mottos, we just believe in being concise (i.e. we have short attention spans). So we came up with a family motto that encompasses everything that we try to be around here:
(no decals... I'm sure you agree that a statement this bold requires gold spray paint... the 213th time I've been glad I had some on hand)

Inspired by a wikihow on how to be classy that I stumbled across one day. I love that their list includes things like "choose your words wisely," "don't swear," and "value your virtues" which are all things I wholeheartedly agree with. Some of their things were silly though, so we've made our own definition of what it means to be classy:
  1. Be nice - It's easy to be mean, especially when you feel that you've been wronged. It takes a lot of work to be nice sometimes, because it requires you to control your emotions instead of letting them control you. 
  2. Speak properly - don't use slang or swear. Classy people speak with intelligence.
  3. Choose your words wisely - if someone thinks you've offended them it doesn't matter what you meant. Be considerate and think before you speak.
  4. Respect everyone - and treat them that way.
  5. Be humble - bragging is not classy in any way. You can't be aloof and classy. People are much more impressed by someone that listens than by someone who talks about how cool they are or shows off. 
  6. Have good hygiene - nobody is impressed by bad breath. A classy person strives to make others comfortable... you can't do that if they are repulsed by your b.o.
  7. Behave - Classy people can have fun, but they don't break rules. 
  8. Be happy - Uplift others. Don't talk negatively about your situation or about others. Smile.
  9. Be intelligent - stay informed and broaden your horizons.
We hung it up over our stairs, and Cam likes to hit it when he walks by like he's on a football team headed out of the looker room or something. We may not be all those things yet, but we're working on them: Cam says he is working on being humble, Wes is working on speaking properly, and I figured I should probably shower every day. Baby steps.

Is there anything you would add to our list?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In case you've never been camping in the pouring rain.

My brother Chad is always up for adventures, especially if they involve the outdoors. This Christmas break he was home from BYU for a couple of weeks and I got the itching to go camping.
  1. It's December (cold and rainy)
  2. Neither one of us owns a tent (we usually sleep in hammocks)
  3. The only day we can do it puts us getting home on my anniversary
But when you have such an incredible idea, like camping in the wet Oregon winter, things always seem to work out.
  1. Bring lots of clothes, some of which are waterproof
  2. Borrow a stunningly-expensive-and-totally-worth-it tent from my buddy Tim
  3. Have an amazing wife
So the camping trip went like this: we left early one morning and didn't have any rain as we hiked in. We stopped to see a gorgeous waterfall that was bursting at the seams from all of the rain that we have had recently. The mist coming off of the waterfall soaked us both immediately, luckily we were wearing waterproof jackets and pants. (Chad in his genius took the picture
through a plastic bag so his camera wouldn't be ruined, I think it adds a nice hazy effect)
We tromped around the woods for a while as we looked for a suitable spot to put up a tent. When the rain began to fall we decided that we probably had the best spot in the forest and quickly set up camp.

We enjoyed making the place rather homey, including a kitchen and drying rack for our clothes. That took a whole hour, then we had nothing to do... and it was raining. But we were already wet so we took off hiking on some nearby trails for a few hours. We came back before it got dark and had dinner (beef stew, stuffing, and top ramen). Chad forgot to pack a spoon so he had to carve one from a tree.
Then we climbed into the tent for the night. It was 4pm. We stayed there until 8AM when the sun came out and had the most boring and longest night of my life. We played THREE FULL games of phase ten, talked for what seemed like forever and eventually nodded off around 9pm, only to wake up every couple hours to realize that we were both very uncomfortable.
The next morning we packed up and came directly home.
Lessons learned:
  1. Eureka makes some great expedition tents, we stayed warm and incredibly dry all night
  2. When it says "two man tent" it means two people and NOTHING else
  3. Camping in the rain is not much fun, especially when it gets dark at 4pm
  4. I have a great brother who will do ridiculous things with me, and a wonderful wife who lets me do them

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apartment Makeover Part 5: Nursery

Over Christmas I finally had time to get Wesley's Mobile finished, so I'm finally ready to show you his room!

The ceiling is pretty high, plus his wall needed some love, so instead of hanging a mobile from the ceiling, I did it on the wall:

I just had cam drill holes in the top for dowels, and the sails and fish are felt. We used a push pin to make a hole for the wire fishing poles and hot glued them in place.

Here's the rest of the room:
My super-simple curtains that make it dark enough for afternoon naps when the blinds are closed: