Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Wesley Update

Wesley had a busy week this week:
  1. Finally, last night he started crawling! We now have a boy in motion! (I mean forward motion... I don't think he's stopped moving since he was born.)
  2. He's made new discoveries in the relationships between force and volume. Wesley's new favorite toys are bowls, any kind really. He likes to hit them, hit things with them, hit them with things, and put them on his head.
  3. We had to put away his activity gym and baby swing. He is now able to roll into one of the poles on the gym and roll it on top of himself, and when he leans forward in his swing it swings all the way back and gets stuck. The bumbo chair will be going in the next week or so too. 
  4. He decided that he was done with sleeping, so for the last couple days he's been taking only two 45-minute naps. The thing is that he has been his usual happy, smiling self, so I guess he's still getting enough sleep? I on the other hand haven't gotten a thing done.
Wesley never stops moving. Cam and I were just discussing that we're a little concerned that we've created a monster. Seriously, though he just did this for the last two hours:
He's in his pajamas because (silly us) we thought it was bedtime an hour and a half ago. Be honest, have you ever met a child with this much energy before? (and did they turn out to be ridiculous?)


  1. This is seriously like watching Preslee. I can't tell you how it turns out but I can tell you you're not alone. Even down to the facial expressions!

  2. Not personally, but I've heard of two, named Cameron and KayCee...So yes. You might have created a monster, but a very sweet monster who will do your dishes without being asked and become a great gymnast?