Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Blue

So I accidentally dyed my hands navy blue today (a story for another day). Most of it came off with much lemon juice, but my nails and knuckles are still quite blue.

I decided to try to cover it up with nail polish, which I never use (ever). I actually only own one nail polish, white, that I bought the day before my brother's wedding in Ohio two years ago.

I have an issue with painting my whole nail white though, it reminds me of kids in middle school that painted their nails with white-out. So the only choice I had was to do french tips... which only covered half the dyed nail, but at least it was the especially purple part.

I did a horrible job, and then I had to get Wes to bed and made it even worse... and then remembered I don't own nail polish remover. Unfortunate.
Sidenote- have you ever tried to take a picture of your own right hand? Awkward. 

Another sidenote- there is a strong chance you're going to have this song stuck in your head all day now. You're welcome.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Apartment Makeover Part 6: Building a Pantry

Wesley's forays into the kitchen lately have prompted me to consider whether I should start sweeping, or if we should get a small dog.

They've also forced me to re-think my kitchen organization. Our apartment doesn't have a pantry, and the cabinet situation is such that I had my cereal and pastas in an easily accessible lower shelf. Since I'm not a fan of soggy cereal, I now need a pantry.

I looked all sorts of places but I didn't find anything in any of my usual treasure troves. Then, just a few weeks ago an antique store a few blocks away was closing, and put all their shelving out on the curb. I sent Cam to go pick one that had the best potential, and half an hour later he came back with a six-foot tall, four-feet deep homemade plywood corner shelf. It weighed a ton and barely fit through the door.

It was clearly way to big for our small apartment... so I questioned Cam about it and he said that it was the one with the best plywood. and then he disassembled it.

And then it sat in pieces in my entryway for more than three weeks until I finally got around to working on it. Wes thought it was the best toy ever.

We built it a foot and a half up so that it would have room for my the buckets of stuff we use in bulk, and the top is the perfect height to be used as additional counter space (dinner mess overflow area).
The panels were painted to with the pattern on the corkboard I covered with fabric. Yay for a matching kitchen!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Faces of the Week

Just some pictures this week, since I took so many. 

We finally pulled out Wes' 6-9 month outfits (at 7 1/2 months) and they were cute and clean, so I decided to get a bunch of pictures in before they get covered in sweet potato. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Honey Do

On Friday afternoon I got home from school and I had this conversation with Kim:

Kim: we have a lot of things to do tomorrow.

Cam: Like what?

Kim: sweep, mop, dishes, vacuum...

Cam: Oh, OK.

Kim: Oh yeah, and can you put the fire alarm back up?

Cam: Why does the fire alarm need to be put back up?

Kim: I had to take it down.

Cam: Why did you have to take it down?

Kim: Because it wouldn't stop going off.

Cam: Why was it going off?

Kim: I don't know... I was just baking pretzels. They weren't even smoking.

Cam: Why can't you put it back up?

Kim: Because I can't reach it.

Cam: How did you get it down?

Kim: I stood on your toolbox.

Cam: (pause) I'll put it back up.

Kim: Thanks!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Google+ Hangouts

So I just thought I would share something that makes my life a little more awesome.

First off, is this not the saddest graphic you've ever seen?
That's the graphic that comes up in a hangout on Google+ when you first start it and no one else has joined yet, or when you're the last one to leave. It just makes me feel so sad for the little robot. Maybe it's because I can relate. Moving on.

I have two brothers, two sisters, and two parents. We all try to talk to each other every week, so what that used to mean was I called everyone and talked to them for 15+ minutes each Sunday.

Then we discovered hangouts on Google+, which is a lot like skyping, except that we can have a group video chat all at once. 5 different computers in 4 different states. It's a lot more fun too, because I don't have to re-tell the same story 6 times, and we all get to talk about it together.

There are still a few bugs, but it's getting better. Go try it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Would Never Get In a Dumpster

Check out this totally awesome table that I found a few weeks ago:
And I don't mean found in the sense that I went to the store and voila! there it was... I mean it very literally.

Cam has been telling people I went dumpster diving for it which is simply not true. Yes, someone discarded it in the vicinity of the dumpster, but I spotted it out Wesley's bedroom window which has a pleasant view of... that part of our little complex. For the record, I would never actually go in a dumpster, let alone go digging around in there.

I just can't understand why someone would "discard" something in such a gently used condition.
 I decided it would work perfectly as my new entryway table, that is, if it were about 18inches skinnier. So I took off the top, and then Cam (using a handsaw) cut out the middle section.

There, isn't that nice?
It was about at this point that we went over to a neighbor's house for dinner and Cam was telling them about the ridiculous things that I was having him do to the salvaged table. My neighbor started describing it and we asked how he knew what it looked like. Nope, he wasn't the discarder... he was the one who pulled it out of the dumpster, but then decided he didn't have room for it. 

Camer glued the pieces back together, and then last weekend we went to his parent's house so his dad could help him make the drawer fit back into the new tiny table. 

Given my inability to paint uniformly, I decided to just spray paint it. While I was outside spraying, an older lady who lives by me came over to ask about what I was doing. I told her the tables origins and she exclaimed, "people throw away the neatest stuff... I found a great pair of shoes over there the other day."

Turns out our dumpster is a winner. But seriously, after a little love you can't even tell where it came from:

The front is spray painted too. I cut the design out of paper and used it as a stencil.

Total cost: $2.39 for spray paint (with my JoAnn's 40% off coupon) + $1.39 for the drawer pull. Sweet.

The best part is that the drawer pull came in a pack of two, so I'm totally ready the next time I "find" something that needs a little love.