Monday, February 27, 2012

Apartment Makeover Part 6: Building a Pantry

Wesley's forays into the kitchen lately have prompted me to consider whether I should start sweeping, or if we should get a small dog.

They've also forced me to re-think my kitchen organization. Our apartment doesn't have a pantry, and the cabinet situation is such that I had my cereal and pastas in an easily accessible lower shelf. Since I'm not a fan of soggy cereal, I now need a pantry.

I looked all sorts of places but I didn't find anything in any of my usual treasure troves. Then, just a few weeks ago an antique store a few blocks away was closing, and put all their shelving out on the curb. I sent Cam to go pick one that had the best potential, and half an hour later he came back with a six-foot tall, four-feet deep homemade plywood corner shelf. It weighed a ton and barely fit through the door.

It was clearly way to big for our small apartment... so I questioned Cam about it and he said that it was the one with the best plywood. and then he disassembled it.

And then it sat in pieces in my entryway for more than three weeks until I finally got around to working on it. Wes thought it was the best toy ever.

We built it a foot and a half up so that it would have room for my the buckets of stuff we use in bulk, and the top is the perfect height to be used as additional counter space (dinner mess overflow area).
The panels were painted to with the pattern on the corkboard I covered with fabric. Yay for a matching kitchen!


  1. Once again, you amaze me. Have you ever thought about making a DIY blog? Cause you would rock at it!

  2. Holy cow you guys are seriously so creative! I love it! I love your fire alarm conversation!! hah. Susy gave me your blog and I am glad she did!! She didn't have your email and I didn't have you phone number!! So can you send me your email address I have an invite to send you!!