Sunday, February 5, 2012

Google+ Hangouts

So I just thought I would share something that makes my life a little more awesome.

First off, is this not the saddest graphic you've ever seen?
That's the graphic that comes up in a hangout on Google+ when you first start it and no one else has joined yet, or when you're the last one to leave. It just makes me feel so sad for the little robot. Maybe it's because I can relate. Moving on.

I have two brothers, two sisters, and two parents. We all try to talk to each other every week, so what that used to mean was I called everyone and talked to them for 15+ minutes each Sunday.

Then we discovered hangouts on Google+, which is a lot like skyping, except that we can have a group video chat all at once. 5 different computers in 4 different states. It's a lot more fun too, because I don't have to re-tell the same story 6 times, and we all get to talk about it together.

There are still a few bugs, but it's getting better. Go try it!

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  1. We tried this with my family right after Christmas and you could put antlers on yourself. It was hilarious!