Saturday, February 11, 2012

Honey Do

On Friday afternoon I got home from school and I had this conversation with Kim:

Kim: we have a lot of things to do tomorrow.

Cam: Like what?

Kim: sweep, mop, dishes, vacuum...

Cam: Oh, OK.

Kim: Oh yeah, and can you put the fire alarm back up?

Cam: Why does the fire alarm need to be put back up?

Kim: I had to take it down.

Cam: Why did you have to take it down?

Kim: Because it wouldn't stop going off.

Cam: Why was it going off?

Kim: I don't know... I was just baking pretzels. They weren't even smoking.

Cam: Why can't you put it back up?

Kim: Because I can't reach it.

Cam: How did you get it down?

Kim: I stood on your toolbox.

Cam: (pause) I'll put it back up.

Kim: Thanks!

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