Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Would Never Get In a Dumpster

Check out this totally awesome table that I found a few weeks ago:
And I don't mean found in the sense that I went to the store and voila! there it was... I mean it very literally.

Cam has been telling people I went dumpster diving for it which is simply not true. Yes, someone discarded it in the vicinity of the dumpster, but I spotted it out Wesley's bedroom window which has a pleasant view of... that part of our little complex. For the record, I would never actually go in a dumpster, let alone go digging around in there.

I just can't understand why someone would "discard" something in such a gently used condition.
 I decided it would work perfectly as my new entryway table, that is, if it were about 18inches skinnier. So I took off the top, and then Cam (using a handsaw) cut out the middle section.

There, isn't that nice?
It was about at this point that we went over to a neighbor's house for dinner and Cam was telling them about the ridiculous things that I was having him do to the salvaged table. My neighbor started describing it and we asked how he knew what it looked like. Nope, he wasn't the discarder... he was the one who pulled it out of the dumpster, but then decided he didn't have room for it. 

Camer glued the pieces back together, and then last weekend we went to his parent's house so his dad could help him make the drawer fit back into the new tiny table. 

Given my inability to paint uniformly, I decided to just spray paint it. While I was outside spraying, an older lady who lives by me came over to ask about what I was doing. I told her the tables origins and she exclaimed, "people throw away the neatest stuff... I found a great pair of shoes over there the other day."

Turns out our dumpster is a winner. But seriously, after a little love you can't even tell where it came from:

The front is spray painted too. I cut the design out of paper and used it as a stencil.

Total cost: $2.39 for spray paint (with my JoAnn's 40% off coupon) + $1.39 for the drawer pull. Sweet.

The best part is that the drawer pull came in a pack of two, so I'm totally ready the next time I "find" something that needs a little love.


  1. awesome. But really you should invest in a power saw cam :)

  2. I am seriously in awe of your coolness right now. That looks INCREDIBLE!

  3. amazing job! (came across your blog)

  4. That is too cute! You did a great job!

  5. that looks awesome!
    and for the record, i climbed in the dumpster SEVERAL times to retrieve treasures....the garden grove trash is a gold mine.

  6. Seriously, Kim you are amazing and so talented. I wouldn't have ever even thought to cut it in half and then glue it back together. And as a side note...I have been dumster diving with my ajunt before; it was full of scrapbook suppies from a company who was moving and just threw away all their extra stuff. It was a sweet find.

  7. oh my goodness and spray paint?! wow! you must smile every time you pass that table!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.