Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shoulder Angel

It turns out I've gone and gotten myself a reputation.

There's a little boy a few doors down who, every time he sees me, asks why I'm not painting.

Lately I've been telling him it's because the weather is bad (ya know, since I paint out front these days). However, Monday was a beautiful sunny day. So when he said, "It's sunny, why aren't you painting?" I thought to myself, "Hmmm.... you've got a point."

But Cam was gone, and Wesley was awake, so I told him I would have to wait until naptime. He proposed that instead, he could help. So he helped me empty off a bookshelf that was far too plain, and he was going to try to carry it outside for me too. Except that wasn't going to happen.
So when Wes went down, I carried it outside and gave it a couple base coats before Cam got back. Boy was he surprised.

I used an entire bottle of yellow. FYI yellow paint covers NOTHING. I thought that two coats of primer would be enough, but no, it still took four coats of yellow, and there are some streaks, but I was running out of the second bottle, so I had to call it.

All thanks to my shoulder angel telling me to get out and paint.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wesley's Flight, Dusty's Wedding, and a Weekend Hero

A real flight this time, as opposed to his usual method
Luckily he slept most of the time, both ways, so we have yet to learn how he handles ear-popping landings. 

We flew to Utah for the wedding of Cam's best friend and college roomate, Dusty. All of the old roomies got together for it.
 Those of you who were witnesses to the carnage Sheila was involved with at our wedding will understand why I put myself in charge of (told everyone what to do and was really nit-picky/bossy about)  his car decorating.
Tame? A bit, but we weren't about to do anything to hurt Emily's paint job.

We stayed at Whit's house (Thanks!) And got to hang out with both my sisters... did I take pictures of that? No I did not.

But the real hero of the day was Whit's husband, David. Check these out:
That's not his purse. Or his diaper bag. Or blanket.

Not only did he drive us to the wedding, and volunteer to watch a grumpy and separation-anxiety ridden Wesley while we enjoyed the wedding. He also hung around after the wedding (at which he didn't know anyone), to hold our stuff and occasionally a Wesley while we were in pictures and talked to people. He is seriously making a run for favorite brother-in-law!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100 years

Last weekend Wesley did something that most people never get to do. He met his Great Great Grandma.

Cameron's Great Grandma had her 100th birthday party. It was really interesting to go to. She's not entirely aware of what's going on or who people are anymore, however she still loves music, so there was a program with some musical numbers and some group sing-a-longs.

Here's the five generation photo:
Of course, you can't go to an event like that without thinking, "100 years? That's a long time."

A lot of things have happened since 1912. That's even before WWI. According to my quick research, crossword puzzles and modern zippers weren't invented until 1913.

In her life story she talks about moving to an alfala ranch in California in 1935. She says that she liked the house because of it's "conveniences" (they had gas to cook with, rather than a wood stove).

If I  were to list "conveniences" in my life a stove wouldn't make it because it would be on the "necessity" list. It makes me stop and wonder about everything that could go down in the next 75 years. And it also is a little motivation to stay healthy so I can live to see it.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Wes and Cam showed off their talent and our church talent show tonight. We had multiple requests to post this so that people could share it with their friends/spouses/children.

Without further adieu, some epic talent: